What are the lashes made of?
Suzie Bumble Lashes are made of real silk with tiny magnets that gently attach to hold them in place.
How do the lashes attach?
Suzie Bumble Lashes attach by using a long strip of lashes with magnetics that connect to smaller groups of lashes with single magnets. They gently hug your natural lashes to give you a naturally beautiful look.
How do I put the lashes on?
See our complete tutorial video.
How do I take the lashes off?
To remove Suzie Bumble Lashes, use the thumb and forefinger to slide the magnetic strips apart. Gently pull away from the eye and put in the specially designed case.
How long do the lashes last?
Typically Suzie Bumble Lashes can be worn every day for 30 days if you put them on and take them off carefully and keep them in the carrying case. 
How much do the lashes cost?
Suzie Bumble lashes cost $25.99 for 1 pair and can be purchased at suziebumble.com with free shipping.
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Will the magnetic lashes damage my natural lashes?
Suzie Bumble Lashes will not damage your natural lashes if you take them off properly. Be sure to slide the magnets against each other with your thumb and forefinger and gently remove.
Can I wear the lashes with mascara?
Yes you absolutely can wear Suzie Bumble Lashes with mascara - it actually helps the lashes blend really well, especially if you don’t wear them with eyeliner.
Are the lashes waterproof?
Suzie Bumble Lashes are waterproof and can go underwater, but strenuous underwater activity is not encouraged.
Can I run with the lashes?
Yes Suzie Bumble Lashes are great for running and will stay put, even when putting in a good sweat.
Can I sleep in the lashes?
While you can sleep in Suzie Bumble Lashes, we would not recommend it due to likely pulling at the lashes from tossing and turning.