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Quick Tips

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1. Demonstrate

  • The best way to create recurring customers is to show them how easy it can be to apply Suzie Bumble lashes.
  • Use a white towel when demonstrating on yourself or a potential customer in order to not lose lashes.
  • Encourage your customer to use a pair of tweezers for more precise application.

2. Educate

Suzie Bumble Lashes...

  • Are less expensive alternative to extensions and adhesives.
  • Won’t damage your natural lashes like extensions.
  • Easily curve and contour to your natural lashes, allowing you to click the magnets into place in seconds.
  • Always look flawless and maintain their fullness, unlike extensions.

3. SHARE Savings

  • Lash extensions typically cost anywhere from $100-$200 for a full set and $40-$60 for a fill every two weeks, totaling an average of $1200 a year.
  • Suzie Bumble lashes cost only $24.99 and can last up to 1-2 months of daily use.
  • Every customer who converts to Suzie Bumble magnetic lashes saves an average of $1000 a year.

3. Be Social

  • Post selfies to social media with the hashtag #suziebumble to show friends and family just how beautiful Suzie Bumble lashes really look!